What Is Human Resource Planning? Identify Its Objective and Role in Human Resource Management? Essay

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Question 1) What is Human Resource Planning? Identify its objective and role in Human Resource Management? Answer 1) HRP is primacy by nature and therefore is considered as the first function for all HR’s. it translates the objectives of organization and plans into the number and kind of personnel needed to achieve the same. It is a process designed to translate the corporate plans and objectives into future quantitative & qualitative employment requirements. Entire HRP revolves around:- Forecasting Manpower needs Developing policies to attain Implementing HR policies Controlling of the same Geisler says, “Manpower planning is the process – including forecasting, developing, implementing and controlling – by which a firm ensures that it has the right number of people and right kind of people, at the right place, at the right time, doing things for which they are economically most suitable. “ The HRP process consists of : 1.) Analyzing organization plans 2.) Forecasting the demand of manpower 3.) Making An Inventory of existing manpower resources & assessing them for optimal allocation 4.) Anticipating manpower problems by projecting current capabilities and comparing them with future requirements. 5.) Planning the necessary programmes of recruitment, selection, training & development, promotion, motivation, compensation & benefits. The objective of HRP is to “maintain & improve the organization’s ability to achieve its goals by developing strategies that will result in optimum contribution of human resources. Thus it makes the objectives of HRP revolve around the following areas: * Workforce Planning - Forecasting future requirements for human resource. * Staffing Management - Ensuring optimum use of existing human resource. * Strategic HR - Linking human resource planning with organizational planning

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