What Is Great About Middlemarch Essay

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Response paper #1 What is “great” about Middlemarch? Throughout reading the first three chapters of Middlemarch, each of the chapters begin with a quote, from other authors. Throughout each chapter the quote fits in one way or another, and that is quite fascinating. The length of the chapters is significantly long for an English novel at that time. The Length, The author is actually a woman, and the plot. There are a few things that make Middlemarch “great” per-say. Not only is the author an English novelist, but the author George Eliot is actually a girl. Before I was informed that the author was a girl, I thought otherwise. I thought before that the author was a man because of the way the novel was written. It seemed as though it had historical background within it. It is interesting to see that in the 19th century time that a woman had her writings published. Though she had a pen name, that suggested she was a guy, she did a very brave thing. Throughout the readings I have inquired Liberal Humanism seems to be the topic in which is being focused on at the moment. Liberal Humanism though seems to be focused more on writings that are historically correct background information rather than personal information. It is like the reader needs to know where the author is coming from before one fully understands the prompt. Middlemarch, was written in the 19th century, when social and political reformation was a big deal. Her writing seems to be written at a time, different from the era she is actually in. It is quite interesting. Through other readings, it suggested that she was writing in the late 1800s while her story’s background was in the early 1800’s. Through background readings I have come to notice that this book was a huge deal. It was one of the longest English books of the time. George Eliot, wrote this book and it seemed to relate to the readers of

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