What Is Freedom

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What is Freedom? What is freedom? Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. It is the right for one to be independent and self-determined. Ambrose Flack shows a clear vision of what freedom in humanity should be like in his short story “The Strangers That Came to Town”. Throughout the story he proves to the reader that freedom is being accepted and finding respect from those around you. The Duvitch family are poor immigrants who moved into a rather pretty and upscale town. They wanted to feel accepted and respected in their school, community and by their neighbours. The Duvitches were an immigrant family who were known to be very poor and physically unattractive which brought humiliation towards the family. The Duvitches were rather independent and didn’t necessarily care about what their neighbour’s opinions were of them. Andy, his mother and his brother all experienced mixed emotions about the strange family moving into town but still tried to welcome them. Once the Duvitches settled in, Andy’s mother brought them “chicken soup, a baked tuna fish dish, steaming hot; a loaf of fresh bread and chocolate cake.” (Flack 2) Mrs. Duvitch had one of her boys give Andy’s mother a potted rose tree in return. “Mother, remembering the potted rose tree, always had a friendly word and a smile for the young Duvitches when she saw them.” (Flack 6) The Duvitch children were considered anti-social because “they cast their eyes on the sidewalk as one passed them by and spoke only when spoken to.” (Flack 4) The four young Duvitches that went to school were Irving, Benny, Abe and Esther and they were considered “pathologically shy” (Flack 4). They gazed upon by their classmates as they ate their lunch and huddled up in the corner of the recreational room. Although their classmates thought low of them, their
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