What Is Football's Competitive Advantage

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COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE & PITTSBURG STEELER by Brittany Hazzard HEBSBA45 MGT/488 Facilitator: Dr. Charles A. von Urff Workshop 1 assignment Due January 25, 2012 Submitted January 30, 2012 Competitive Advantage and the Pittsburg Steelers Competitive advantage can be defined as the strategic advantage a business has over its competitors who are also in the same market. A business gains a competitive advantage when it has developed one single or various different qualities that have assisted it in beating out its competitors. When a business uses it attributes to create value for its company it has a strong competitive advantage. There two forms of competitive advantage the first is known as comparative advantage the second is differential advantage. In this paper I will be discussing how these forms of competitive advantage are utilized in the Pittsburgh’s Steelers franchise. I will also discuss the four criteria that determine the team’s competitive capabilities. The four criteria should show that a business is valuable, rare, imperfectly limitable and un able to substitute or…show more content…
In 2008 the team’s fan base also called “Steeler Nation” ranked the best in the league by ESPN ("Espn.com", 2012). Addressing the undeniable sellout streak of 303 consecutive games all the way back to 1972. Although its market is small, Forbes.com stated that what makes the Steelers’ franchise so financially competitive is its rapidly growing fan base and its operational control of the Heinz Field. The total team ranking in the midrange of other NFL franchises is due to Pittsburgh being a smaller market city and not due to the Steeler brand. The Steelers are consistently among the top teams in merchandise sales ("Forbes.com", 2012). Particularly the player Troy Polamalu’s jersey sold the most ("Forbes.com", 2012). Among merchandise sales the team also has high revenue

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