What Is Feels Like To Be Colored Me Essay

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Jacky Ma Mr. Barton English 3. Per 4 April 23, 2012 Hurston research paper Reading Hurston’s essay “What Is Feels like to be Colored Me”. And comparing it to other Harlem Renaissance poetry, we noticed she was an extraverted person by reading her work. Unlike other African-American writers, her style of dress was also flamboyant. That caused her quickly became fames of the African-American writers during the Harlem Renaissance. Besides this, her attitude about race was dismissive, which means race never matter to her. This idea of race made her really special among other Harlem writers. Also, these opinions haunted her later life. Describing how Hurston had a different and a casual point of view at other black writers, she said; “ I do not belong to the sobbing school of Negrohood who has given them a low-down dirty deals and whose feeling are hurt about it”(Hurston 862). In Hurston’s eye, she criticized any black writers who used a typical type of writing to express their black struggles. She didn’t felt inferior as being a black, because she considered…show more content…
I prefer Hurston’s idea because I think during the period of Harlem Renaissance; Negroes would have to stand out and join the society by being extraverted and flamboyant. We cannot sit there and still work on our old classical type of writing because it doesn’t do any good for our position in the society. We have to look forward and let the community accept us. Eventually, our skin color will not matter anymore. What people did to Hurston was unfair. In my point of view, I think Hurston wanted to pull the Negros out from the low society by writing her essay differently, and she did not want to let her or the people who were black look down on themselves or have any sense of self-abased. I was amazed by her different style of writing and I think that’s why the spot light of the Harlem Renaissance was on
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