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What Is Ethics Essay

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  • on November 4, 2012
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Below is an essay on "What Is Ethics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Subject : Public Administration

The Ethics Of Public Sector.
-What Is Ethics ?
-Is Morality Objective ?
-What Are Some Ethical Principals ?
-Some Specific Obligation   Of Public Officials.
-Are Any Moral Principles, Rules Or Values Absolute ?
-A Framework For Analyzing Ethical Issues And Making Ethical Decisions.
- Consider Some Contending Arguments About Capital Punishment (CP)
-Ethical Deliberation
-How To Manage Ethics ?
-How To Improve Ethics In A Workplace ?
-How To Respond To An Ethical Dilemma ?

What Is Ethics ?
The words "ethics" and "morality" have Greek and Latin origins, respectively. Traditionally they referred to customary values and rules of conduct (as in "cultural ethos" and "social mores"), as well as insights about what counts as human excellence and flourishing. "Ethics" and "morality" are often used interchangeably by us today. But ethics also refers to moral philosophy, i.e., a discipline of critical analysis of the meaning and justification of moral beliefs.
Ethics and morality--along with law and etiquette--are essentially normative, that is, they prescribe human behavior as obligatory, prohibited, or permissible. There’s considerable overlap between ethics and law, and ethics and etiquette. Much of the law embodies ethical principles: respect for basic rights to life, property, and the right of citizens to participate in political life. It’s usually unethical to break the law. A breach of etiquette can also be unethical if it is done intentionally to offend someone simply for one’s own amusement.
Ethics goes beyond etiquette, though, to include matters that nearly every human society considers significant: actions such as lying, breaking a promise or killing someone are more serious than social faux pas. Ethics also has to do with human character and motivation, which in many cases are irrelevant to etiquette and law. And law and etiquette can sometimes be criticized on moral grounds: consider U.S. laws and customs that...

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