What Is Energy Essay

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The Future of Energy Debbie McQueen SC300 Dr. Wurbel 11/29/13 For many years energy has been a big part of our lives. As a society there are different forms of energy that we should be investigating. What is energy, you may ask? It is work/force that enables us to do all types of different activities. Energy comes from stored energy which is potential energy or moving energy, which is kinetic energy.(The Sciences, Integrated approach2007). It comes in many forms. There is chemical energy, electrical energy, radiant energy, mechanical energy, nuclear energy and thermal energy. You use energy every day to go about your daily routines. Some examples are getting out of bed, cooking, gasoline for travel, and walking. The main forms of energy I use every day are electricity and gasoline. Electricity is necessary in my life to do just about everything. I need it for my computer in order to run my business and also for my schoolwork. I use it to cook food for my family and friends. In order to heat or cool my home I need electricity. I need to run the heaters and the air conditioners in my home. Since electricity is nonrenewable I need to try and use as little as possible. Gasoline is needed to run my car and my tractor. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to do my lawn chores, work in my garden, or travel to and from town. With nonrenewable energy we are unable to store it up for further use. It has to be made when needed. Currently the energy I use as electricity comes from coal. I live in southeastern Kentucky and coal is a major part of our lives. Generator plants sent energy to transmission lines and those lines carry it to the substations. The closet substation to me is approx... Sixteen miles away in Sand Gap, Kentucky. At the substation electricity is converted from 69,000 volts to 12,470 volts. Then it is carried to distribution
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