What Is Effecting the Youth Today Essay

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What Is To Blame For The Change In Youth? From the time people were younger they have always looked up to someone like a parent or a celebrity seen on TV. Those were the people who everyone wanted to be like and copy everything to be just like them. Some idols are different than others but in the end they all influence the community either in a positive or negative way. Currently idols live life knowing that many people look up to them they make the choice of how they choose to appear to everyone. They are very popular and they decide on what type of role model they will be towards society. Most celebrities do not care what they show to the world and do as they please. Many choose to be bad role models to others and end up impacting the youth negatively. Celebrities have a negative impact on society’s youth and young adults because they promote drugs, bad behavior and unrealistic body image. Drugs are promoted everywhere today even in places not expected. References to drugs can even be found on TV. Big promoters of drugs are the celebrities that many people look up to. An example would be Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber; Miley Cyrus smoked marijuana during a live award show that was being broadcasted to millions around the world, and Justin Beiber has been caught many times in possession of drugs. According to The Miley Effect: Do celebrities shape kids’ values? “Statistics show that celebs hold plenty of sway over impressionable young children. A 2006 study by USA Weekend found that half of teens agree that peers are more likely to smoke or drink because they see celebrities do it” (Jacobson). The study shows that celebrities have a huge impact on teenagers. Celebrities cause many teenagers to drink because they do it and the youth looks up to them. Teens do not realize the harm of drinking and doing drugs, “and this can cause serious problems leading to and

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