What Is Dynamic Security? Essay

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WHAT IS DYNAMIC SECURITY? Introduction In the following essay I am going to discuss the principles and the main benefits of dynamic security within the prison system. I will also explain the meaning of the term “dynamic security”. Prisons are primarily dynamic institutions in which the most important elements are the people who live and work within them. Prisons, worldwide, remain as great places of curiosity in many societies. The role of the Irish prison officer is becoming more difficult and demanding on a daily basis due to cutbacks in budgets, staff shortages and over-crowding. We deal daily with the most violent and intimidating people within the society and therefore because of these problems we face we must adopt new approaches towards prisoners and one of these new approaches is by adopting a policy of “dynamic security”. Our role as prison officers means that we are in constant contact with prisoners and therefore we must interact with them more frequently and build up better relationships with them in order to gain their trust and hopefully they will pass on information. Knowledge of dynamic security is the only form of security you can use outside the prison and that you have control over. Page 1 There are three types of security within a prison and I will explain them briefly; 1 Physical security 2 Procedural security 3 Dynamic security Physical security can be described as measures used to deter people from escaping from a prison or facility. It can be as simple as a locked gate or as elaborate as twenty five foot high wall monitored by CCTV. Alarms, security lighting, prison officers patrolling, razor wire and palm readers are all examples of physical security. Procedural security can be described as practices put in place that have to be carried out by officers routinely in order to maintain proper procedures. Doing head counts,
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