What Is Domestic Violence Essay

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Module Different Childhoods Tutor Sharon Vesty Assignment title Conflict-Domestic Violence Student number N0400486 Group 2D Word count 2,656 words What is domestic violence? Cleaver et al (1999) defines domestic violence not only as a criminal problem but as a social problem along with being a public health issue. This is also a representation of the violations of human rights which in turn causes far reaching damage to not only peoples’ lives but their development. Domestic violence has been repeatedly reported in many documents dating back centuries. Although domestic violence is not gender controlled it has been mainly male dominated, the idea being that a system of socialisation which conditions both males and females to accept male dominance. Women were encouraged to take the submissive and passive roles and except that position (Davidson, 1977).It can be see that this is not necessarily the case, the Devon County Council (2013) have a dedicated help line for male domestic abuse victims, they state that statistically domestic violence is predominantly male on female crime, yet men are victims of domestic violence but due to the assumed stigma attached to this crime the majority of these cases do not get reported. The office of national statistics report that 2011 to 2012 that an estimated 812 men in the age range of 16 to 69 years of age were victims of domestic violence. Children live in many different environments and deal with varied situations. Some children live in fear of their home environment due to inter-parental conflict, thus impacting on the child’s emotional and behavioural development. For many years it was considered that inter-parental violence had no effect on the child’s development, however continued research has proven that this is not the case (Rossman, 1997). Most family units have a degree of conflict that children are
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