What Is Disaster? Essay

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What is disaster? We are people willing to believe that conquered the planet. At first glance, it is true. We laid endless network of convenient roads and highways of steel, gnawing at its bowels, and extract the ore, oil, gas and coal. However, the picture is deceptive. The Earth is not as affectionate and cozy as I'd like to think. Inside Planet Earth kept red-hot magma, oceans pose a mighty force, and the wind blowing over the continents which are sometimes deadly. From time to time the earth again and again presents us with its unbridled power. Mountains explode, releasing into the atmosphere millions of tons of ash and burning environment. Sometimes the earth underfoot is torn and destroying the houses. In these disasters dead thousands, even hundreds of thousands of earthlings. This happens in different ways, for instance through natural phenomena that occur quite regularly, such as rain, winds, earth tremors or the natural processes of soil erosion. In olden times, people used to come with legends to explain these phenomena. They would say the volcano was angry, or that the gods were demanding a sacrifice. Today, science helps us to understand these events instead of merely fearing them. It is hard to reach consensus on the concept of disaster. It is wide ranged term. It can be used from social events to a region wide hurricane. According to Anthony Oliver-Smith writings disasters are characterized by external variability and internal complexity. External variability refers to the wide range of “objective” phenomena in natural and technological domains that generate or triggers disasters and produce different kinds of physical impacts. In this case disaster is used to characterize events/processes that range from slow-onset processes such as droughts and toxic exposures to rapid-onset phenomena such earthquakes and nuclear accidents. Other side of
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