What Is Desertatio

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Answer all of the questions below. Once you have finished the assignment, save it using the Northcentral University naming format and upload the document via the assignment feature on your learner page. 1. Under what part of the University rubric will APA formatting be graded? Presentation is the part where the APA formatting is graded. Style and conventions is part of presentation and this section weigh 30% of assignment. 2. Explain each of the five steps in the Northcentral University writing process. The first 3 steps are focus, development and organization. Focus consists of writer’s intent to inform, persuade, describe or argue. This intent is throughout the text. A thesis that provide specific and focused response to the topic and clear preview of all main points in text. Development is the second step and mean development of paragraphs with main idea, focus , analysis and proof to support main idea. Establishing a relationship and balance between author’s view and evidence. Organization is the third step and development of a clear view of argument. Pin point writer’s intent. Answer all questions from audience. Paragraphs have to connect and each paragraph need to clarify the evidence. Style is part of presentation and use of appropriate and concise language and using paragraphs using attribution phrases to separate personal views and sources cited. Conventions is the fifth part, it is constructing paragraphs in standard American English. Adhering to APA style, format, citations and punctuations. Pages that meet the physical requirements of APA formatting. 3. You find several sources for your research, however, several article disagree with your hypothesis. Describe which of the articles you should include in your literature review and why. You should include all the articles and prepare a contrast and comparison scenario.
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