What Is Culture to Me Essay

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Jordan A+ Culture is a way of life specific to a group of people. It is defined by traditions, beliefs, behavior, music, art, food, language, and religion. Today in the United States as in other countries populated by many immigrants, culture is influenced by many groups of people making this country very unique. I am defined by many cultures, one being the Western Culture. From the West, I get my Christian beliefs. I remember when I was young going to church every Sunday with my family. This tradition of going to church was a tradition my mother followed as a child and carried into adulthood. The other culture I am heavily influenced by is the Latin Culture. This is where I get my Spanish surname. It is rooted from the European country of Spain. This also denotes the usage of the Spanish language on my father’s side of the family. Another key feature of the Latin culture is my fondness for Latin music, dance, and my grandmother’s Spanish cooking. The last culture I am heavily influenced by is the African culture. My mother being of African-American decent has played a major role in my upbringing and my love for Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rap music. I also enjoy her Southern cooking—a weekend or two doesn’t go by that she doesn’t bake a cake from scratch or having a soul food dish being served at the dinner table. With culture constantly changing, it’s key in defining who I am as a person and how I socialize with other groups. These three cultures Western, Latin, and African are all unique and part of who I am as a person and how people relate to me—it’s all

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