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The Variability in culture I asked three different people what they believe culture is and received fairly similarly resonating answers. Some mentioned that it is the tradition you carry with yourself, your lifestyle, another that it is what forms your values, but they seem to all agree that culture is the consequence of what you are exposed to, your nurture. As one interviewee said: “all culture really means is what environment and what surroundings you are brought up in, what you hold to be valuable in an intangible sense. It may be you think friends are valuable. I was talking to this Yemeni guy, in his culture your mother is considered the most important person in your life, insulting their mother is considered the worst insult possible, while in Russia they’re very homophobic, which makes calling someone gay being the worst insult possible.” Different people coming from different places may hold different views on the same matter and it is the result of their experience being raised within their culture, as an individualistic perspective, but that is looking at culture through a magnifying glass, which doesn’t show the bigger picture. Culture is formed by groups of people in response to their environment which is exclusively unique to every society, therefore in every place on this planet people confront different problems and a different culture arises by adapting to these variables. It is closely connected with evolution and the survival of the fittest, in the sense that people’s life’s change based on what problems they have to deal with, may it be food shortage, which may cause people to value food much more and never leave leftovers, or a community of people that spend most of their day away from their family, which may form a traditionally of eating dinner together every evening in order to maximize time spent with one another. It is interesting when

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