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What Is Criminal Justice Essay

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  • on April 28, 2012
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Intro to Criminal Justice
(week 1) Questions for Review

  1. The American experience with crime during the last half century starts from being relatively stable during World War II till the sixties.   During the sixties and seventies, increased crime rates were reported due to civil rights movements based on race, gender and personal attributes to gain equal opportunity and respect. An increase in murder, rape and assault crimes then followed.
The eighties was hit with an increase in illicit drug use and sale which then bolstered crime. Larger cities suffered from increased crime due to the drugs along with decreased property values. These cities were a breeding ground for gangs and drug wars that almost collapsed some cities like Chicago.
The nineties led to political emphasize on stricter punishment for criminals due to the public’s eye. The   public perceived that offenders were going unpunished which led to the “get tough on crime” era.
2000-2010 we experienced a different kind of crime to include terrorism and white collar crime.
Economic conditions in the seventies as far as the decrease in job availability and the overwhelming increase in population may have produced the right issues to facilitate the drug increase in the large cities.

  2. The theme of this book is balancing the concern for individual rights with the need for public order through the administration of criminal justice.
Public order perspective views criminal threats to public safety with the interests of the society taking precedence over individual rights. Individual rights perspective focuses more on protecting personal freedoms and civil rights within society and especially with the criminal justice system.

  3. Justice is defined as the principle of fairness; the ideal of moral equity; truth in action. This chapter discusses social, civil and criminal justice. Criminal justice relates to wider notions of equity and fairness by having the police, courts and...

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