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Jeffrey Kung Mrs. L Writing 1 7 October 2013 Cooking with Costco Costco Wholesale is a massive warehouse where many Americans shop at to get their daily supplies and other products. The warehouse has a wide variety of useful products ranging from suitcases to bounce houses to televisions to lobsters. Although the warehouse offers so much variety to its customer’s, there is a bad side to it as well known as the Costco effect. Costco also has quite a few restrictions. Besides their restrictions, Costco also do not have equal quality treatment of all of their food products. They offer better quality foods than others. Costco sells most of its products in larger quantities than most other stores to reduce prices. To compliment their…show more content…
There are only around four hundred and twenty-five Costco locations in forty-two states in the United States of America today. This may seem like a lot but it actually is not. The United States is around “three million seven hundred thousand square feet” (National Atlas). This means that there is only one Costco warehouse per approximately eighty-two hundred square feet. Most of the Costco warehouses are usually located in the more suburban areas in the United States. This means that people who live in the rural areas of the country will have to travel a fairly large distance before being able to seeing a Costco warehouse. This will also mean that people that live in rural areas will either decide to not shop at Costco or not go often. Besides the people that live in rural areas, people in other countries are unable to shop at Costco. The majority of Costco warehouses are located in the United States of America. There are a few warehouses located in the following countries: “eighty five locations in nine providences of Canada, twenty-five locations in the United Kingdom, ten locations in Taiwan, nine locations in South Korea, eighteen locations in Japan, three locations in Australia, and thirty-three locations in eighteen Mexican states” (Costco). This restricts the rest of the world because the United States alone only…show more content…
One of these excellent products is beef. Most of Costco’s beef is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture itself, meaning that it is of exceptional quality. Costco gets their steaks from cows in the Dakota Beef Company and their own farms. The Dakota Beef Company is known to have quality organic grass-fed beef. There are many “ranchers in the Dakota Beef program [that] are pioneers in the organic food movement and have been advocates of the need to treat cattle humanely, to reduce stress and to improve the quality of the beef they produce” (The Nibble). This illustrates how the Dakota Beef Company employees treat their cows nicely and when they kill them, they kill the cows as humanely as possible. According to the workers, this improves the quality of the beef because it reduces the stress the cows have in living in horrible conditions. The company advertises that they never use hormones, antibiotics, or any harmful chemicals “and [they] believe in the importance of sustainable farming, respecting the land and animals, to provide healthy food for [people’s families]” (Dakota Beef Company). Dakota Beef Company’s cows are all organic because they did not add any hormones, antibiotics, or any harmful chemicals to them. Dakota Beef Company is trying to promote their beef by saying their cows will not poison people’s bodies with harmful additives or make people sick. Their organic

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