What Is Corrections and How Has It Changed Essay

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Crime and Justice are two very important pillars of the society. In fact, I believe that both crime and justice have become equally essential for functioning of human society – crime because it is a part of human behavior and justice to prevent the society from crime and live peacefully. The criminal justice system is made of three parts – Police, Courts and Corrections – and all three works together to protect an individual’s rights and the rights of the society against crime. According to Merrian-Webster, crime is defined as “an act that is forbidden or omission of a duty that is commanded by public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law.” When all the three parts work together, it makes the criminal justice system function like a well-tuned machine. When someone says corrections I mostly think of prison. In prisons today, rehabilitation, deterrence, incapacitation, and retribution are all elements that provide a justice to society. Prisons effectively do their part in seeing that one if not more of these elements are met and successfully done. When a prisoner enters a prison, it is presumed he is guilty of the crime he was charged with. If this is true, the prison has an obligation to do something about this criminal. They are not going to let the prisoner sit there and rot. If that were the case, when that prisoner would be released, he would be released the same if not worse a person from when he went in. This is when the prison steps in and starts the rehabilitation process. I think that I am most interested in learning about the sentencing guidelines and the different types of sentencing that are available. Also the different form of criminal sanctions such as indeterminate sentences compared to determinate sentences and mandatory

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