What Is Chillingworth's Identity In The Scarlet Letter

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In The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne created a character that was truly capable of the embodiment of all that is evil. Mr. Roger Chillingworth, A false name that he had adopted to hide his true identity and intentions. Hester knew his true identity for he was her missing husband Roger Prynne. Chillingworth is a complex person, who had for most of his life hunted for thought and knowledge to increase his intellect “the book worm of great libraries” (53).he took on a young bride, to fulfill what he could not acquire from books, which was a human’s caring warmth of heart to nourish his own soul. After two years of captivity he had found a new purpose for his life, to take out revenge upon the man, who had deluded his only source of human affection in his life. The physician was a person of wealth and intellect, who had married a much younger and beautiful woman, to compensate for his deformed image, and to have a companion who could offer him warmth, which he could not attain from reading all the books ever written at the time. Losing this person completely destroyed his world, which lead him to exchange one purpose of his life with another. It is true, that he had neglected his wife during their time together. But I do believe that his years in captivity made him appreciate her more, he had realized her worth. Dennis W “It’s…show more content…
Nevertheless he did not have to provide her, and her child with medicine of any sort in the prison scene. After his death Chillingworth placed all that he possessed under Pearl’s name, which was not of his offspring. It is easy to judge others, but I wonder what the actions of those of who judged this character would be if they were in his

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