What Is Child Poverty

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WHAT IS CHILD POVERTY, ITS KEY CAUSES AND IMPACTS Child poverty is the growing issue in the UK. Over 3.5 Million are facing children poverty, even though they come from homes with a working parent. Poverty can affect every area of a child's social, educational and personal development. Children growing up in homes where their parents have to decide whether the can by food or heating for the home. Child poverty is not only a serious issue but a growing epidemic every year. Child poverty is where a child lacks necessary resources, amenities and getting the proper living conditions needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Childpovertyactgroup2000-2012. Poverty is not only felt by children where no one is working in the family home; it can also be felt in a home where at least one person is working. In 1998/99 statistics show that at least 51% of all income poor children live in a household where at least one person works. Child poverty action group fact and figures show that 3.5 million children are currently living in poverty in the UK today. That’s 27 % which is 1 in every 4 child living without thing such as: proper clothes, food and even heat to keep them warm. Now what are the causes of child poverty? Most people would think that poverty occur from lack of financial income. Although having money to a large extent determines a person state of living and it is recognised as the main features to poverty is not considered to be the only source of poverty. Poverty can be classified from living in a home with just one lone a parent, larges families that have 3 or more children, unemployment, families that has someone with a disability and also persons from black and ethnic groups. Barnardo’s child poverty statistics show that within black and black British households, 44 per cent of the children live in poverty. A rise of 55 per cent in Pakistani and
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