What Is Child Abuse And Neglect? Essay

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Drug affected babies Many women do not realize the dangers drug use or addiction can present to children during pregnancy. These dangers can result in a lifetime of problems for children. Any alcohol or drug use by a pregnant woman means a child has been “drug-exposed” during the pregnancy. When drug use creates problems that are apparent at the birth or during the first weeks of a child’s life, the baby is considered “drug-effected”. Alcohol and drug use during pregnancy is never a good idea. Problems caused by alcohol and drug use may not be apparent at birth but can show up later. They can include a range of issues from major physical problems to mental or behavioral problems that emerge as late as the child’s entry into school. Many drugs cause low birth weight and small body size, withdrawal symptoms and increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Methamphetamine is the most prevalent and dangerous drug related to child abuse and neglect. Other commonly abused drugs include alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and other narcotics, and prescription drugs Shaken baby syndrome Shaken Baby Syndrome describes a head injury caused by holding a child by the arms or trunk and shaking the child severely and repeatedly. Many parents do not understand that shaking can cause severe brain injury, blindness or even death. The most common injuries are blood clots around the brain, hemorrhages of the retina, fractures in the growing portion of the bone, injury to the brain, bruises on the extremities, or bruising and injury of the chest. Sexual abuse and child exploitation Child sexual abuse occurs when a person uses or attempts to use a child for their own sexual gratification. This includes incest, rape, sodomy, sexual penetration, fondling, voyeurism and sexual harassment. Persons who sexually abuse children rely on many methods to

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