What Is Blake Griffin Argumentative Essay

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Jennica Kerner English 101 Professor Cavin Blake Griffin Blake Griffin is one of only three players to have forty-seven points and thirteen rebounds in an NBA game before the age of twenty-two. The others are Rick Barry and Michael Jordan (JockBio). Blake Griffin is a phenomenal athlete and the best player in the NBA today. He is in his second year for the Los Angeles Clippers playing as a twenty-three year old Power Forward. Blake Griffin was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March sixteenth, nineteen eighty-nine. Griffin was home schooled by his mother Gail Griffin all the way through eighth grade. He then transferred into Oklahoma Christian School where his rise to fame began. Griffin won peoples respect with his game right away.…show more content…
He can handle the ball without looking awkward or losing the ball. He has a no step thirty-two inch vertical with a max vertical of thirty-five inches. Blake Griffin is not a passing fad. He is a player. He knows the game inside and out and can play it anyway you ask him to. You have people like me who think Blake Griffin is the best thing to hit hardwood since Michael Jordan. Then there are those who don’t seem to agree. Many would argue that Blake Griffin is overrated. He’s six foot ten about two hundred and fifty pounds. He can handle the ball like a normal guard. He’s a tough rebounder and even tougher defender. He has a very nice shot with a fifty-three perfect field goal average. He can get through the key in traffic and when it’s clear. He also knows when to dish the rock to the outside for an assist. Griffin is number four in assists for Power Forwards with three a game. He has a quick first step that gets him around defenders and to the hoop. He can run the floor and take an alley-oop. He has a strong body for how big he is and he uses to his advantage. He isn’t afraid to go against the other forwards and show what he has. He has a great work ethic and leaves everything he has on the floor every night, win or
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