What Is Anomie

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What is anomie and what are the conditions that cause anomie? Anomie is a term in which may be describe as a personal condition resulting from a lack of norms. It also can be referred to the fairly of society to regulate goals of human desire. Anomie can also be observed through different effects that can lead to criminal and deviant behavior such as suicide. Anomic theory is considered a sociological theory that tries to explain the pattern of crimes through macro level of analysis. Criminals commit crime on the basics that abnormal conditions and their surroundings cause them to have to act on it. There have been assumptions that poor commit more crimes than others. Based on several analysis crime are generally committed based on needs rather than wants. Anomie theory provides an explanation of the concentration of crime. The theory leans on one founder of sociology, Emile Durkheim, who used the term to describe the lack of social regulation as one manner that could evaluate higher suicide rates. Durkheim stated that he observed that social periods of disruption brought about greater anomie and higher rates of crime, suicide, and deviance. Some people may lose sight of what is socially acceptable and have difficulty in dealing with society. This theory is also sociological in its emphasis on the role of social forces in creating deviance. Deviant behavior can consist of different definitions. Some believe that deviance is the violation of any social norm and other feel that you can be deviant without breaking any rules or behavior that does not conform to a social norm which may be disapproved. Some people feel that getting away with something and not being punished will be an excuse for deviants to continue to commit a crime. In other words, I think that people feel that if they get away with it once they can get away with it again. My belief is that people
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