What Is An Attitude? Essay

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What is an attitude? Allport According to Exforsys Inc (2007) an attitude can be defined as: how you express your likes and dislikes towards particular people, things, and occurrences. Attitudes can be positive, negative, or neutral. It is also common to have more than one of these feelings towards something – when that happens, for example, in the case of a person both likes and dislikes something at once, we say that that person’s attitude is “ambivalent”. (referenced) * What you think. * What you do. * What you feel. No matter what situation you are in you always have certain thoughts about it. You also have an emotional response to it, and you behave a certain way in it. To begin changing your attitude you either change your thinking, the way you act, or the way you feel. These two points are much easier to chance than the third point. ABC model These three components are called the ABC, which stands for: A- Affective (the way you feel about the attitude object) B- Behavioural (the way you act towards the attitude object) C- Cognitive (the way you think about the attitude object) How are attitudes formed, developed and changed? How does one change their attitude? It is possible to change someone’s attitude via persuasion. The work of psychologist Carl Hovland in the mid 20th century helped psychologists gain a further grasp on what persuasion entails. Hovland established that attitude change had to be understood as a response to communication. Experimental research was conducted in the following areas as a means of understanding the process of attitude change: target characteristics, source characteristics, message characteristics, and cognitive routes. Target characteristics are those characteristics that refer to the individual who is receiving and then processing a message. One of these characteristics is
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