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Vishnu Sangar Student ID- 1366328 Core 2002 16 October 2013 What is an American? America can be defined as a multi layered nation with a mixture of cultures. It has a great diversity. “It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength (Maya Angelou)”. American is a one who has the right to speech and exists in a society as an individual. Americans believe in the betterment and harmony of the society by supporting multiculturalism. In this essay I will be using the assumptions of two authors “de Tocqueville and J. Hector” to define “What is an American” and how this assumption of being American can be justified. De Tocqueville begins by enlightening the identity of Americans as the one who believe in general equality of conditions. For example, a farmer and a wealthy gentleman will both have same inherent skill in governing. The conditions can be either differences in wealth or the idea of equality. Americans have a strong belief that all people have equal abilities. According to the writer Alexis, American believed that democracy in America is a detailed study of two different form of government. The first form of government is Aristocracy which believes that it is the best qualified class of citizens who rule the country. The second form of government is the democracy i.e. a government in which all the citizens participates equally. Mostly, it is believed that democracy is the right form of government, but according to Tocqueville democracy is a form of remedy for all diseases. I totally agree with the author that Americans do believe in a democratic form of government which works for its people and for the equality among its people. This is evident from the fact that earlier black people in America were considered inferior, but as soon as the right of equality came into

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