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Alina Mehdi Period 4 9/4/13 What is an American? Many people refer to themselves and others as “Americans,” but have you ever thought about what an American is? According to Webster’s Dictionary, an American is a native or inhabitant of America. Some people look at the word American literally and others choose to look at it differently. To me, anyone (race and religion don’t matter) can be an American as long as they believe in freedom and equal rights, love the United States, and consider it their home and where they belong. If you ask someone what they think an American is, many will say “a citizen of the United States” or “someone from America.” If you think about it, no one is from America. All of us came from somewhere. Just because you or your family, are immigrants who now live in the United States doesn’t make you less of an American. This is what makes America is so diverse. This diversity is why American people have to believe that everyone is equal and deserves the same rights. And since there are so many people of different religions, Americans have to believe in freedom of religion, of speech, etc. An American believes in freedom and equal rights no matter what race or religion. If you are an American, you should believe that America is your home. A home is where you are loved and you are offered protection, food, and shelter. Some people call their native country their home but others whose countries don’t provide them with necessary things believe that their home is elsewhere. The people who live in these types of countries often wish to be in America where they can be free. Many people don’t live in America but they love and admire the things about it. This means that they are dedicated to America even though they don’t live there. So that’s why if people from a different country believe that America is their home and it’s where they

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