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What Is A Video Game By: Kiara Foisy Video games are one form of gaming systems that are slowly taking over the world. No one wants to go outside know a days, they just want to stay indoors and play video games. For some people who may not know what a video game is it is “An electric or computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display or television screen” (Farley, 2012, Paragraph1). Video games are separated into categories, which include Role-Playing, Strategy, and Simulation. One category of video games is Role-Playing. Role-playing is “a game in which participants adopt the roles of imaginary characters in an adventure under the direction of a Game Master” (Dictionary, 2012, Paragraph 1). In other words a Role-Playing game, also known as RPG, is when one or more people assume a task and play it out in virtual reality. You would set out on a life as the main character and live it, while completing tasks and going on adventures. An example of a role-playing game is Final Fantasy XIII, which was released on March 9th, 2012. While playing Final Fantasy XIII, you play as multiple people doing multiple things. You battle powerful enemies and magical allies in the worlds of Cocoon and Pulse. Two more examples of role-playing games are Fable 3 and Dragon Age: Origins, both of which were released in the year 2010. Another video game category is Strategy. A strategy video game is “a genre of video games that emphasize skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory” (Wikipedia, 2012, Paragraph 3). As a player you must plan a sequence of actions or moves that are against one or more adversaries. You strategize to gain experience that then leads to more adventure and more times that strategizing is needed. The game Battleship is an example. Battleship was released for gaming systems on May 15th 2012, player’s play to shield off enemy beachside

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