What Is a Significant Role of Lightness and Darkness in “Sonny’s Blues” Essay

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The idea of light and dark play an important role in the African American society in 1950s. The narrator talk about a time when many family member and friend would get together to talk together and eat dinner together. He allude to the darkness once again by saying that moment happen when the adult brought on by a serious conversation or an advice that is about a death in the community or something dark happening that effect the light that they had before. “At this point, the children are completely oblivious to the racism and other immoralities that thrive in the world they will soon have to venture into, but they are able to sense that something very distasteful is imminent, hence the child wishing that "the hand which strokes his forehead will never stop - will never die" (Page.13). This quote show the idea of being an innocent child during a very rough time was more than many young men could cling on to. The narrator was able to escape from the lifestyle many of his childhood friends fell into but another hand Sonny, the narrator’s brother, was not as fortunate moving on into his adulthood. Although Sonny have chosen a worse path than his brother, he eventually is able to let the light that was in him shine through the darkness that surrounded him with music and everyone else he know. In the end of the story, the narrator is sitting in a dark corner while Sonny's first piano accompaniment tells the story of his struggles. With the help of Creole, Sonny's second selection tells a brighter story of the real Sonny and the good that lies within him. For what the narrator have at this point, he get more in his life than his brother, through Sonny's playing, the darkness of both the club and the cloud that hanged over the heads of both Sonny and the narrator is pierced by the light Sonny brings and opens the narrator's eyes to an idea to which he had so long been

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