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Schneider Krauss April 24, 2013 Ms. Scatolini Expository Composition Human Worth What is a life worth? In today’s society the people take an unbias approach towards the, issues regarding the value of a person’s life. There are compelling articles and evidence provided by, Amanda Ripley, and The Human Life Value Calculators, that conclude logic, and emotion to impact how the value of a person is determined. For example, in the article, “ What is a life worth? “ Amanda Ripley wrote in response to the families of the 911 victims. She assigned the concepts of attaching a dollar sign to someone’s life, in the way of, questioning families of the victims, interviewing, and embarking on her own personal investigations. “ Compensating the families of the recently deceased from 911.” Ripley discovered the government invented a way to measure blood and loss in cash. This provided helpful insight on the grueling mathematics involved in, calculating the income necessary to provide for a family in the of premature death. In addition, The Human Life Value Calculators designed, website pages, articles, and insight to assess financial contributions, for those who incur it. “ This calculator projects typical lifetime income for someone with the characteristics in the input section, less taxes, more expenditures devoted to the consumption, plus any extra fringe benefits your family receives from their employer, such as health insurance, and services provided around your house. “ For example, that being said the calculators conclude with, resulting estimates that are the approximate measures to that of net financial contributions to your family. The calculators can only account for specifics such as, the occupation of you and your spouse. And we believe that only general information is sought in regards to your non-wage incomes, which is the

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