What Is a Hero

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Heroes are people or animals that do heroic things for others. Hero does not have to be a boy or man, but they can also be a girl or woman. A hero is not made by what he does not what he looks. Hero does not always have capes and special clothing. Heroes do not always have super powers. Most of the time a hero is a normal person. A hero can have done one thing, or can have done a lot of things. People have their own hero. Some people have their hero because the hero did something good to them or because they have feelings about them, but others, mostly small kids, have heroes because they look cool or funny, or they do funny stuff. Heroes risk their life to do what they are doing, they rather would die than fail. They put other’s needs before theirs own. Heroes are everywhere, people just do not know that they are there. Real heroes are not heroes like in movies or books, real heroes do not have capes and super powers that make them super strong and beautiful. Heroes are easy to find, but true heroes, or real, heroes are hard to find. Heroes create themselves. They did something heroic and became a hero. Heroes become heroes because of an event around them. Heroes are not always handsome or beautiful. Heroes are not always famous, a lot of heroes are normal people. Some heroes do not want others to know that they are heroes. Some heroes are happy and some heroes are not really happy with themselves. Some hero’s life cannot become normal after they become a hero. Heroes are hard to define, because there are so many kinds of them. For example Mulan from the movie mulan is a great hero. Mulan planned to get married, but she joined the army in place of her dad, because her dad was too weak to join the army, he will die for sure if he joined the army. Even though girls were not allowed to join the army, but she still joined. That is not the only the heroic thing that
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