What Is a Hero? Essay

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~ Aphrodite's Gift ~ "Aphrodite! Aphrodite! Where are you?!" Artemis strode purposefully into the Goddess of Love's temple. Her agitation was acute and bordered on dangerous. "Hey, Amazon Mom." Aphrodite called out from the chaise lounge where she was perfectly displayed. "How's the tribe?" Artemis was not amused. "You said you'd help me. You said you'd take care of things. And my Chosen One is still so unhappy." "Chill, my overwrought overseer. I'm working on it. It'll happen…….. I promise." In truth, Aphrodite was frustrated and somewhat annoyed. She was not at all accustomed to failing in her endeavors. And so far, she had not been able to bring the Queen of the Amazons her heart's desire. At first it had seemed so simple. Both the queen and the warrior princess were nuts about each other. The goddess had thought that they would need only a gentle push to become lovers and soulmates. But the warrior babe had turned out to be the 'can't see the forest for the trees' type when it came to her own lovelife. So here she was, no love affair to show for her efforts, and Artemis beside herself with worry about her precious queen. "It's breaking my heart to see her this way, Aphrodite." Artemis sighed, her anger fading as she plunked herself down on the nearest loveseat. "Do something…….please?" Everyone thought the love goddess had it so easy, thought Aphrodite. They thought that all she had to do was wave her superbly manicured hand and all the love in the world just fell into place. In reality, it took a lot of work …..…scheming, finagling, and manipulation to get people into loving relationships. This thing between Gabrielle and Xena was tarnishing her reputation. And far be it for her to admit it out loud, but she truly liked Artemis and hated seeing her so upset. Aphrodite stood and crossed over to the Amazon's patron. "Hey, don't go

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