What Is a Good Parent Essay

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What is a good parent? Susanne J. Taylor Columbia Southern University I was born and raised in the home of an Independent Baptist Preacher along with four other siblings. From the time I was a small child, all I can remember is studying the Bible and being very involved in church. From the principles taught to me, I will define how I believe this helped me become a good parent. The teachings of those that began the Independent Baptist movement had a strict set of rules that you must abide by, in order to be In Gods will. Some of those rules included, not wearing long hair for the men and not wearing pants for the ladies. I grew up in a very strict house hold. I knew that my parents had only two expectations for their children, the boys were to become a preacher or a missionary. And the girls were to marry one. I decided very early in life, I did not want either option. I made up my mind that I had two goals for my life. One goal was to be a mom, and the other to be a good mom. I questioned the laws the elders taught my parents, and silently vowed that given the chance, I would do things differently. When I finally became a mother, I had accomplished the first goal set. Could I be successful with the second goal? My husband and I were blessed with two healthy girls three years apart. Like never before, I knew the importance of all our actions as we lived the examples in front of them. My husband became an alcoholic and at times very abusive. It was then I began to fall back on the teachings of my parents. I knew if I had any chance to become the good mom I so desperately wanted to be, I had to save my children from my poor choices. From my early training, in order to be the best parent I would need to follow God’s word. I chose verses from the Bible as my guides and followed them. I was involved in every aspect of my girl’s lives and believed that they had

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