What Is a Good Boss? Essay

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What is a good boss? When in a low level working environment a quality leader can be very helpful but also rare. A lot of less prestigious jobs consist of young and/or under educated/trained employees. This can be very frustrating to a supervisor running a shift full of rowdy teenagers, especially if a boss has been thrown into their position without being taught how to deal with such circumstances. This is often the main problem with poor managers; therefore they substitute the needed skills with yelling, intimidation, and undeserved disrespect of their employees. A good boss should be calm, cool, and collected no matter the circumstances. When things start to get out of hand a quality manager should respectfully inform the employees of what they need to do to get back on track and keep things in order. Knowing when to have fun and when to be serious is the most important trait of a leader at any level. Having to much of either fun or seriousness can be detrimental to a workplace. For example, in a food service job, too much fun would be time consuming and disturbing to a customer seeking speedy service and a quiet meal. On the other hand too much yelling or disrespect can anger the employees which can be very counterproductive, due to the overall mood in the restaurant. When employees feel under appreciated they tend to work less efficiently because they try to make less minor mistakes to make up for what they are lacking which results in major mistakes When business is hectic, a quality leader should be willing to help out the employees at a high level and be able to take care of the managerial duties as well. Congeniality is also an important attribute of a person in charge; nobody wants to be lead by a grumpy or unfriendly drone who contributes little more then an unpleasant atmosphere. Conversely, it is difficult for employers to find and/or raise a

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