What Is 9/11 True?

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On September 11, 2001 terrorists hijacked two planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center. It only took a span of 2 hours for the towers to collapse. Estimations of over 2,800 people died, including 343 firefighters, 23 police officers, 37 Port Authority police officers, and more than 2,200 civilians. But the deaths did not stop there, nor have they stopped now, twelve years later. We often preach and say that since 9/11 Americans have been brought together. President Bush said of the event, “We stand united as one,” and this has been the mantra since that day occurred. But is this really true? The first responders of the World Trade Center attack may tell you a different story. One story of the many first responders to the attacks…show more content…
Dr. Landrigan is bringing forth new studies into this haunting and yet real demographic of dying heroes. The study which looked at medical and mental health outcomes for about 30,000 rescue workers involved in the 9/11 aid work, found that nearly a third of these workers have developed asthma, and between 10 to 30 percent still suffer from ongoing medical problems, even twelve years from the attack. Dr. Landrigan says he expects to see more of these reoccurring problems within the next five to ten years. “We all expect a certain level of health issues to be involved when we are out on the streets daily, running into burning buildings, or helping a dying individual. But now we are making an excuse to why they need our help”. Landrigan says the extent to which they are still suffering was an unwelcome surprise, though researchers expected to see some persistence in medical and mental health symptoms for these workers. Landrigan urges those who worked at the World Trade Center to seek examination at one of New York City's World Trade Centers for Excellence hospitals that provide specialized testing and treatment for those with physical and mental health conditions associated with 9/11. "We're still seeing 75 to 100 new patients each…show more content…
Landrigan's study. At this time however, the act does not cover cancer, as a federal analysis decided there was not enough evidence to support that 9/11 work contributed to cancer risk at that time. However, there are individuals that are working hard to make that change. Studies are being conducted to show the relationship between the 9/11 debris and increased cancer risk that advocates hope will provide enough evidence to make New York policymakers provide health coverage and compensation to those rescue workers suffering from

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