What Inspired Sibelius's Music. Essay

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What inspired Sibelius's music. Have you ever heard "Finlandia"? It is highly considered as a national anthem of Finland. It is sibelius's typical symphony which shows a national emotion of Finnish and his patriotism. It praises nature of Finland and it contains traditional melody of Finland. It was written when Finland was held down by Russia, so we can hear grief and gloom in the piece. We can feel grief in Sibelius's every piece as well as "Finlandia". Especially, I like the violin concerto of Siblius, and when i listened the piece, it make me imagine I always wondered why Sibelius's music is always dark and fantasy-like. After i seached about Sibelius, i figured out the siblius's music came from his surroundings he grew up and his patriotism. Finland where Jean-Sibelius was born and grew up considered as a country of veiled mystery. The country enthrals people by being surrounded by needleleaf trees, rivers and fogs. In Finland belonging to the Arctic Circle, the sun doesn't go up for 51 days in winter. Also, temperature go down to -30℃. Sibelius set up his staff on Jarvenpaa which is northern of Helsinki and lived for half century. Jarvenpaa is the most cold city surrounded by lake and needleleaf tree, and he composed most of his great pieces here. The most typical piece of Sibelius is the violin concerto, and it is started by playing a mystery main theme through strings' calm accompaniment. In this piece, the orchestra is expressed as a silent lake while the violin as cold wind. It sounds like Finland is moved to this piece directly. Another piece that he is inspired by nature is his symphony No.5. In his diary, Sibelius noted the inspiration for the grand theme in his Fifth Symphony: "Today I saw 16 swans. God, what beauty! They circled over me for a long time. Disappeared into the solar haze like a silver ribbon." As many of

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