What Influence Our Judgment of Others Essay

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Culture What is Culture? ------------------------------------------------- Culture can be defined as the characteristics or the sum total of learned beliefs, values, and customs that serve as the basis in directing the behavior of a particular group of people in a particular society. Generally, culture is shaped by a variety of important elements including religions, music, technology, language, and arts. According to Schiffman and Kanuk (2010), “culture offers order, direction, and guidance in all phases of human problem solving by providing “tried and true” methods of satisfying physiological, personal and social needs.” (p. 368). Culture provides insights to almost everything that we do in our daily life. For example, culture might “set the rules” on what to wear to different places or occasions (business suits or blouses) or what personal attributes is favored by an employer (leadership or responsibility). In this assignment report, we attempt to highlight on how culture can actually influence one’s judgment or opinion on others. Here, we view the influences of one’s judgment from the prospect of the culture of people from different society or backgrounds. Collectivism If the Euro-Americans views individual as the basic unit of society (individualism), Asian and African cultures lay emphasis on the significance of the family as a single entity or other social groups (collectivism). Within collectivism, the core unit is the group; societies exist and individuals must fit into them. Individuals are seen as fundamentally connected and related through relationships and group memberships. (Oyserman & Lee, 2008). The question here is, how collectivistic culture influence how and what we judge on others? In collectivistic culture which emphasize on social relationship, people tend to be free from making the fundamental attribution error (FAE).

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