What Impact Did the Crusades Have on the Islamic World?

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What Impact did the Crusades Have on the Islamic World? The Crusades was designed to take control of Jerusalem from Muslim control, and to allow the Christians to regain power and influence. However, it had negative impacts on the Muslim world because it reversed their power, the Muslims could not spread their religion as before, and so they developed bad feelings towards the West for a very long time. The Muslims took control of Jerusalem for a very long time, and this made the Christians feel annoyed and displeased because they considered Jerusalem to be the center of Christendom. The Muslims had established their rule which the Christians saw as a direct threat to their religious interests and ideology. Therefore, the Europeans believed that by invading Jerusalem they would accomplish their religious goals which was to put back Jerusalem under their control. The Crusades had negative effects on the Muslims because they were depicted as savages and heathens, and this also made them become more angry and fierce towards Europeans and non Muslims. It would have been difficult for them to convert other people if they viewed them as savages and heathens. Usmah Ibn Munqidh (1175) noted “he cannot but glorify Allah and sanctify him, for he sees them as animals possessing the virtues of courage and fighting, but nothing else; just as animals have only the virtues of strength and carrying loads.” Muslim rule was very prosperous in Spain and the Middle East, but the Roman Catholic Church could not accept the fact that Jerusalem was being ruled by non Christians.The Muslims had the suspicion that Europeans wanted to colonize their territories and to take away their possessions and resources. The Crusades had serious effects on the Islamic world because they prevented them from conquering other lands due to the fact that the
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