What If I Lived in Anthem’s Society? Essay

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What If I Lived In Anthem’s Society? It’s hard to even imagine living in a society, like Anthem, where all people are as one, and you are nothing and mankind is all. This society controls every aspect of your life, a society where everyone was raised the same way from infancy on into their teen years. As adults they are told what their job will be and you are grouped with those people day and night. A bell rings to tell you when to go to bed and when to get up. That would make me angry. I’m sure that no one in that society was happy. If I was Equality 7-251, I would take the Golden One, as he named her, and go as far as I could into the uncharted forest and take my chances. If she won’t go with him, I would rather live alone in the woods, then to be told what to do with every second of my day and not able to express yourself intellectually or in any way. If I was raised in Anthem’s society, I probably would have been chosen to be a cook or worked in the fields. They may punish you to get you to do what they want but they can’t take away your thoughts and dreams. I am not much of a rebel, so I would have probably lived the way the society told me to, but I definitely would try to get people to unite together to overthrow the Council. In Anthem, they had been controlling the people for so long, that they didn’t know anything else but I would try to convince them to organize and either escape or fight the Council, as a group. My one problem would be that I’m very opinionated and I can’t control my tongue, so I would have been put to death or they would have cut my tongue out. Our society is very different, but when your raised a certain way, you don’t know any other way of life. In today’s society, each of our parents raised us differently but our government allows that freedom and as we mature, we have the choice to be whoever we want to be. We are all

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