What I Would Get Rid of to Improve the 21st Century

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What I would get rid of to improve the 21st Century (over-work) Ahh…the 21st Century. It makes one feel lucky to be alive; what a glorious age that offers us so much: cutting edge electronic technology, the internet, free healthcare and education for all, fast food, cheap air travel…But there is one thing I love more than all of this: being overworked. Today people in Britain on average work more than at any point in the past 30 years. What a wonderful improvement to our lives this has been, because we all enjoy working more than anything else, right? Wrong! Studies show that, although job satisfaction is generally high in the UK, overwork is a huge cause of myriad health problems such as high blood pressure, stress and depression. So it seems that we find working overtime about as enjoyable as picnic in the rain. This crazy situation makes about as much sense to me as a bicycle made for a goldfish. Compared to thirty years ago, our society is much richer. And moreover, we have more machines doing more of the hard work. Surely all of this should mean working less, not more? There’s only one reason for this absurd situation: people’s natural desire to make more money. This is all well and good, but do we really need that take-away on a Friday night, that extra dress from Oxford Street or that newer, more stylish car? How about making the most with what we have and kicking back with friends and family at the weekend rather than burying our heads deep in work! Are we robots or human thinking, feeling human beings? So, readers, let’s think seriously for a minute about our future. Do we want to continue working more and more until we squeeze out all of the fun and relaxation from life? Or are we going to establish a reasonable work-life balance? Because at the moment work and life are about as balanced as a doddery, drunk turkey tottering

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