What I Would Get Rid of in the 21st Century

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What would you get rid of in the 21st century? If I had to get rid of 1 thing in the 21st century it would be Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site in which you can add friends, like pages and find people from all over the world that you’ve never met before. Facebook was first created about 10 years ago, while there are many good thing about Facebook, when used wrongly can cause huge problems. It has caused countless arguments, cyber bullying, people committing suicide and horrible images and videos being uploaded for the world to see. This simple site is actually very complex. People tend to think its a great way to make friends and reconnect with old ones, but in my opinion is a way of causing stress and anxiety in someones life. Often people use it to cause upset and insult someone from the comfort of behind their computer screen. The problem with Facebook is that it often puts people in bad situations often leading to suicide, self harm, low self-esteem, being harmed by a predator and not being hired by a company. One huge danger of Facebook is suicide. Facebook allows the freedom of speech to everyone and many people take advantage of this right. It allows bullies to say awful things and turn many people against an individual, destroying their self-esteem. This social network allows people to say things they most likely wouldn't say face to face and this is the big problem, there have been stories of teenagers killing themselves over the things these bullies say to them online. No web site should ever make someone feel so bad they feel there is no other option but to take there own life. Another problem with Facebook is inappropriate pictures and videos being uploaded. I read a story the other day about a women who's baby was born with a severe birth defect, she uploaded a picture on Facebook of her new born baby. The picture was deleted

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