My Old Sense Of Dreams

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I wake up and I cannot see. I open my eyes but nothing is visible. The only way I can see is through my dreams. Fragments of my old sense of sight visit me every night. I heave out a long sigh as I get up. Memories of the accident flood back into my mind. If I didn’t get so angry or if I had been smart enough not to get in the car at all, maybe my older sister would have been alive. Maybe I would still be able to see. Face it, I tell myself bitterly. I am still blind and my sister is still gone. I am still disabled and wrecked. Waiting for a miracle isn’t going to change anything. I pick myself off the bed and carry on with my day. My mother hears me ruffling through my closet and she calls for breakfast. I call back and get ready into any…show more content…
Adapting to a disabled life is difficult. Having no friends is difficult. Even the daily trudge down the stairs is difficult. My doctor tells me that this simple routine is practice for the rest of my life. She probably thinks I will end up old, blind and all alone with no one around to help me in the future. She does not know that ending up alone is my deepest fear. I have already lost my sister, my best friend as well as all of my other friends. My mother is the only person left, but she will not be around forever. I’m almost an adult and she might leave me by then. Just like father left us after my sister died. She was the only reason he stayed in the family. He even blamed the entire accident on me. I put a stop to this pathetic train of miserable thoughts and finish my breakfast. I assume that there are two hours left before my teacher arrives, so I escape to the one place I truly feel safe inside. I slowly direct myself toward the grand piano. It is a luxury our family could only afford after my sister’s death and my dropping out of school. I was never a fan of the instrument until the accident. I can feel the world when I play my music. I can feel my sister. I play her favourite piece then stop. Just to
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