What I Have Learned to Become a Better Leader

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What I have learned to become a better leader Introduction Completing the leadership questionnaires and exercises help me to understand the strengths and weaknesses I possess as a leader. To my surprise, I possess strengths in areas that I believed I was weak and show weakness in areas I believed I was strong. Throughout this paper, I will share my results and what I have learned about my leadership styles as a result of taking the leadership questionnaires. I will also address the plan I have to improve my weaknesses and to help me be a better leader. Strengths and Weaknesses Each questionnaire helped assess different strengths and weaknesses that I possess as a leader. Using the LTQ questionnaire I found my rating differed from the ratings of my subordinates and coworkers. Based on this questionnaire my strengths are determined, persistent, and dependable. On the other hand my weaknesses are self-assured and empathy. I learned from the Skills inventory test that I score higher in the human skill and lower on the technical skills side. I show a great concern for my employees; however being able to find the balance to be knowledgeable and proficient about my work is a weakness. Similarly, the Styles questionnaire referenced the same. Focusing on my relationships is a common strength where as I lack focus on the task side causing that to be a weakness. According to the Situational Leadership Instrument I fall in the S4 quadrant, low supportive-low directive style. I see this quadrant as strength because I allow my employees to manage tasks the way they see fit. At the same time, I interact with them socially and make for a comfortable working environment. According to the Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire, my weaknesses are being directive and supportive. These are two very important categories that I need to improve upon. My strengths are the participative
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