What I Did to Become a Trumpet Player

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What I did to become a trumpet player When I first started wanting to play a musical instrument, trumpet was not my first pick. The first instrument I played was the xylophone, a musical instrument that is made up of stringed, wooden bars in the chromatic scale. Becoming a percussionist did not last long due to certain circumstances. Playing an instrument was the last thing I thought I would ever do for the rest of my life. I was in the 5th grade when the band teachers came to our elementary school to talk about joining band. Now I, being a very susceptible 5th grader, thought about what my friends were going to do. Majority of them didn’t care about joining band because they wanted to play football or other sports, but some of them wanted to join band as did I. Some already had their minds set like me; I wanted to play in the percussion. Being in the percussion doesn’t entail playing one instrument; they play an assortment of instruments. I tried my hardest to play in the percussion and I was pretty decent, but the teacher didn’t quite like me. I never understood her reasoning for always “picking” on me. I put up with it but I wasn’t the only one; there were others that this happened to. Unlike them, I was the only one that stuck it through. Then that one fateful day, we all got assignments telling us cuts were being made and that these tests are being administered to make these cuts. The test was given out, and for myself, I thought I did quite decent, but the teacher did not think the same of my performance. We had an argument about the ordeal; she even said “You did better than some of the others, but you weren’t the best.” I exclaimed, “I was better than some?! Most of them didn’t even finish!” She stated, “It’s up to me to decide who stays and goes.” Long story short, I was removed for the program. After the argument, Mr. Tipton, the Brass
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