What i Am Most Afraid Of Essay

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WHAT I AM MOST AFRAID OF (BUGS) Was it the giant cockroach crawling near my feet in the first-class train's bathroom, as we rode along tracks in northern Thailand when I was younger? Was it the Goliath beetle, who, even though trapped under a straw basket by one of my cousins after crashing into walls with nauseating clicks, kept crawling along, using the basket as armor, in my mother's family's house in Thailand?Or the June bugs that mysteriously appeared between my bedroom window's screen and glass pane one evening last Thursday and then showed up on my bedroom walls and ceiling and then horrifyingly, crawled into bed with me, waking me from a fitful sleep? Maybe the cockroaches that plagued my downtown apartments-despite my neurotic cleaning and "pesticizing" efforts-in both Malaysia and Thailand. Maybe they were responsible and more of their brethren. I've got a real problem with large bugs. Bugs have weakened me. When I awoke to the June bugs on my walls, even though I was in my extraordinarily surly teens, I found my inner child quickly enough to knock on my parents' bedroom door begging mama to come help me. I had a near nervous breakdown in front of my friend as we made dinner in my Madison apartment. I begged him, in tears, (seriously) to kill the roaches that were inexplicably on my ceiling.It's embarrassing, to say the very least. My husband Eric has humored my fear for quite some time. When were dating, on perhaps the second occasion he's come to my apartment for dinner in Penang, we saw a cockroach on my wall. I don't think I reacted too childishly (there were at least no tears), but whatever I did prompted gallant Eric to grab a paper towel and kill the roach without any fanfare. But about two years into our marriage, in our new house, I saw a silverfish on our kitchen floor. It was about three inches long. A girlfriend was visiting,

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