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Yoon Williy The hardships and sacrifices I have made in order to be good at Dancing is a great form of exercise and also provides a great way to express yourself through music and movement. Break dancing originated from the famous legendary singer, James Brown. It also came from the subways of the Big Apple, New York City. Break dancing was a type of dance that gave an individual the chance to express his/her expression through dance. It is also a competitive dance and many people make groups or “crews” to show their passion of break dancing. Break dancing became very popular after the movie “ Breakin’ “ Breaking spread all over the world throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and is now practiced everywhere around the world. Since the birth of break dancing, people have been able to dance to music and interact and learn new and extreme moves that the body can accomplish. Everyday, no excuses whatsoever I take some time to really practice and try to improve my level of break dancing. Homework always comes first when I get home. After I am done with all my homework, then I spend my time dancing and working on the moves that I am trying to master. I enrolled in a one-year membership contract in 24hour fitness club just so I could have a dancing environment to practice. The gym has a yoga room that they build in there for people who take yoga classes but it is also available at certain times to other, so my friend and I use that opportunity to dance in the space. On Saturdays, there is a non-funded dancing studio at Vermont and Wilshire where anybody can come and dance. They have a DJ there that plays beats and music so people can just dance and enjoy their time. Overall, I spend a lot of time dancing in the weekdays and weekends. Somehow I always fit in some time to practice. When I am in a dancing environment, with the music and people that share the same

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