What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas!

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The town of Las Vegas could be considered a twenty-four hour party. As I entered this exhilarating place, flashing lights and buildings that seemed to touch the sky pulled me in even further. Taxis and buses sped down the roads to drop passengers off to have the time of their lives. An endless amount of people walk up and down the Vegas Strip, stopping wherever they desired to capture unforgettable memories with their cameras. During the day, the city is an enjoyable place to be, but at night it truly comes alive. Every casino has one main purpose, but they are all different and appeal to various groups of people. Caesar’s Palace of Las Vegas is a luxurious hotel and casino that attracts many tourists every year. The ringing bells and smoky air bounced off the decorated walls. The glimmering lights of every color imaginable had each gambler on the edge of their seat, hoping to hit that jackpot. As we walked on the flamboyant rugs that lined the entire casino floor, we heard several players cheering loudly at the tables to the right of us. To the left, there were a bunch of older women playing the nickel slot machines, pulling on the levers hoping to see three bright red 7’s appear across the screen. Almost any person over the age of twenty-one in Las Vegas has a dream of striking it rich. Las Vegas is home to some of the most amazing shops in the world. This even makes window shopping quite entertaining. The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace are exquisite. Even if one is not able to afford to shop in these stores, the architecture is something anyone can appreciate. Clouds are painted on the ceiling which gives one an outdoor feeling while inside this immense building. These clouds lighten and darken to simulate night and day. Walking a little further down this area, visitors are greeted with an impressive reflecting pool and countless Roman statues. A new addition

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