What Happened to Easter Island

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What Happened To Easter Island Easter Island was known as the most isolated and inhabited spot on the face of the earth.is the most isolated inhabited spot on Earth, with nothing really but wood and natural resources. This was an all-natural place but when the first European travelers came to the island they carved large statues covering most of the island. For a very long time there was question going around on how these statues actually got on the island. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that someone revealed that the first settlers to live on Easter Island loved the place because of its resources and tropical land. They made a very sophisticated society with strong beliefs and religious rituals, including the carving, transporting, and creation of the large statues. Over time the settlers used up all of their resources to its extinction and were forced into a decline. Historians have put to rest any theories about the transport and creation of statues. Instead, they debate the causes for decline, and wonder why the islanders continued the exploitation of their resources, even after they were aware that they were causing severe damages to the environment. The results show that Easter Island’s ecosystem was unusually fragile, and as a consequence of their actions, in the long-term, decline and collapse was bound to happen. This is the same manner we are going slowly with our natural resources. After using up all of their resources the settlers tried to grow crops for food but only to fail, they even ran out of wood to build canoes to leave the island. So they reverted to the caves for shelter feeding on the animals until they were also extinct. The want to live an abundant lifestyle is not needed but wanted by all. Like the settlers we are also taking more then we need, especially when it comes to deforestation. We cut down trees excessively when not needed

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