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What Happen When People Cannot Perform a Standard Form of English? Essay

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  • on September 22, 2015
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Below is an essay on "What Happen When People Cannot Perform a Standard Form of English?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When people cannot perform a standard form of English, they received unfair treatment by the mainstream society which leads to language discrimination. The form of non-standard English includes an individual’s native language such as aboriginal English in this case and an individual’s accent. For more or less people, language discrimination in society only brings them anger or unpleasant emotion, but for others, discrimination can bring them into an dangers situation like Kina case and Tan case will be discuss below.
In the case of Robyn Kina associated with non-standard form of English. Kina is an indigenous woman who with low education level and limited idea of what happened (Thomas, 2006). She is incapable of performing an action to defend herself because she is speaking non-standard form English and the group she associated only communicate in standard form of English which leads to she has found it extremely difficult to provide information and wrong interpretation of silencing by the interviewer as unwillingness to cooperate or agree to a harmful proposition (Eades, 1996, p.216). The inability to express herself in a standard form of English as known as power form of the English against the meaning of in front of justice everyone is equal; just because she speaks Aboriginal English, she has been sent to life in prison. At a deeper level, this language discrimination related to culture context which "white society" lack of knowledge and make the wrong interpretation of Aboriginal behaviour.
Daisy Li, a mother in America has similar experience as Kina. However, this time is not about imprisonment, is about daily exclusion. She has been experiencing language discrimination due to her Chinese accent when she speaks English (Lippi-Green, 1994, p. 166), also with so call "Broken" English (Tan, 1990, p. 8), which make her has been excluded from American mainstream society and even more, from her daughter. On a deeper level, this is related to personal identity...

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