What Genre of Fiction Do You Think Holds the Greatest Appeal for Children and Why?

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Fiction for children is a means to encourage reading and understanding, as well as an avenue to open and broaden their imagination. There are many genres of fiction and their titles are Modern Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Realistic Fiction, each providing children and young readers with the tools needed to delve into worlds of make-believe or to experience past or future events through characters on a page. There are many reasons why fiction holds the appeal of children and writers of such material are often listed on “Best Sellers Top Lists”, as the written fiction word can create avenues for escape. Modern Fantasy is fiction that can almost be seen as real. This type of fiction has books that create new worlds, experiences, events and characters that cannot be found in the real world, but they still have a hold on reality that almost brings life to them. One such example is the wizarding world of JK Rowling. The characters created for the Harry Potter series, although fiction, are so life-like that children and young adults can almost reach out and become friends with them. They experience the same difficulties and growing pains but in a world that could never exist in ours. Historical Fiction on the other had brings to life events of the past, but while staying true to the general events that occurred, Historical Fiction sometimes creates characters, events and occurrences that did not happen. But are used to help understand how events unfolded and the impact it has on life as we know it. One such example is “Fever 1793” by Laurie Halse Anderson, which tells the story of the yellow fever epidemic that swept through Philadelphia. Realistic Fiction is seen as the creation of a world with actual events that could happen to individuals or even animals, these events could have either positive or negative repercussions. An example of a Realistic Fiction

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