What Feelings Are Evoked by the Story 'Ma Dear'. How Does Mcmillan Achieve This?

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Mudassar Bhatti Journal. Entry #6 -What feelings are evoked by this story? How does McMillan achieve this? 'Ma Dear' The feelings of melancholy and solitude are evoked by the story. It also allures mixed emotions. The story presents itself in a gloomy as well as an optimistic manner. There is a subconscious aspect of sadness in the silent background. No matter how many times Ma ‘Dear repeats her endeavors and approvals of life, there is a repeating occurrence of sadness. Ma ‘Dear struggles in the story financially. She is forced to put some of the rooms in the house on rent and relies on her social security to pay for her own rent. This doesn’t seem to bother her as one would have predicted. She is finding it difficult to obtain food stamps, even through frequent efforts and eventually decides to stop. These undertakings that are normally a hassle for any person almost appear to be brushed off by Ma ‘Dear, as she then describes her healthy eating lifestyle. She describes her past and praises her attractiveness and physical figure growing up. At this point, you stop to feel sympathy for her and ruminate along with her as she goes. She talks about her late husband and how much she misses him dearly. She speaks about not being able to have kids and how men would attempt to flatter her but she would repeatedly reject them. This again makes you feel her loneliness in this world. Her solitude is present and even she realizes it and you can’t help but empathize with her. The notion of solitude dwindles and depresses her. She slightly discards the idea of being treated like the rest of the elderly and her friends who are dead, ill or residing in nursing homes. She states that she doesn’t like being around sick people but visits her friends in nursing homes. During the end of the story, Ma ‘Dear waits for the arrival of her caseworker and decides to take a bubble

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