What Extent Do the Media Products in Your Case Do More Than Just Entertain Their Audience(S)?

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what extent do the media products in your case do more than just entertain their audience(s)? To answer this question I will be using examples from three different movies. They are The hunger games, Kidulthood and Harry potter. Kidulthood is a British based film about the lives of gang members in the UK. It could be said that it represents Barthes ‘referential code’ which is said to be something that is read with understanding due to cultural awareness i.e. characters in kidulthood may use words that are only understood by that culture such as ‘badman’ referring to someone who have committed a rebellious act. The cultural codes tend to point to our general knowledge about certain aspects of society. This can lead to generalising and stereotyping certain groups. Through Kidulthood we are able to take an insight in the lives of teens today. This informs the views about gang culture and the violent and somewhat threatening nature of it. Some viewers would be interested in viewing a movie that expressive the narrative that Kidulthood does, especially young British teens. They would want to know whether they have been portrayed correctly or as most of the time with producers presenting teenagers negatively simply because they have lack of experience and knowledge about the real life of teens in gangs. Kidulthood was a movie that in my opinion was captured in an accurate light that reflected some, but not all teenagers today. The reason behind this is mainly because the producers of this movie Noel Clarke is a young man that has had experience with gangs and knows the real happenings within gangs. He does not guess or assume what might happen like many other producers do, getting it wrong every time. There are serious issues exposed with topics such as drug dealing, bullying, teenage pregnancy ect. This would conform to Neale’s theory of repetition as every film

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